Plant List


Plants are for sale at the nursery, as described below, at the Gettysburg Farmers' Market on the Square in Gettysburg PA on Saturday mornings 7am-12pm, from late April to mid-October.  Gettysburg Gardens also sells plants at selected shows during the season.  Information about shows will be posted on the website as appropriate.

Availability and prices may change without notice

Plants are sold being free of disease at the time of purchase and ae labeled as carefully as possible and should be true to their labels.  Any plant that does not meet these conditions may be returned for replacement or refund.

No other guarantee, direct or implied is made for the plants.

Some of the plants we have for sale are:

            Primula-a number of varieties of species and hybrids

            (Polyanthus, Julianas, Jack-in-the-green, hose-in-hose and

            gold laced. Proliferae section, seed grown Auricual.  Primula

            seiboldii, 'Sakurasoh' from seed and a smattering of other

            species in the Cortusoildes Section.)

            Cyclamen- CC.hederifolium, coum, purpurascens, cilicium

             and mirabile.


We now accept most major credit cards.

Our plant lists are being complied and will be available soon.

We are closed for the Season.  See you in the Spring of 2018!

Native Woody Plants - Our collection is mostly U.S. east coast plants, that include but not limited to:

         Native azaleas, Hydrangea arborescens and Hydrangea quercifolia, Native Viburnums, Clethra alnifolia, C. acuminata, native Magnolias, Franklinias and many more.